Docker uninstall Couchbase

I have built a three node couchbase cluster on docker in three different VMs. I wanted to destroy the cluster and re-create the cluster.

I have tried option of removing the container and image from docker and reinstall it, but it is comming pre-configured to the old cluster.

I have tried removing the files from below locations too, where the physical files located when load in the container…no luck.
do we have any document for completely removing any traces of old configuration and do it afresh?

Did you follow the instructions here?

Yes, I have followed these instructions

With the Docker run command, you specify a -v argument for the mapping of an outside folder to an inside folder (from the container perspective). Change the outside folder to something else, or delete all the files in that outside folder.

eg docker run -v ./tmp/test:/var/opt/couchbase etc.

delete the files in /tmp/test OR change the directory to something like /tmp/test2.