Docker image with bucket/settings/indexes pre configured


I’m waiting for a fully configured Couchbase cluster.
While waiting for this cluster, and to be able to move forward with the development of my application, I’d like to deploy a singe node couchbase cluster along my application in kubernetes

From what I understand, the couchbase docker image does not contain any bucket/settings/indexes/… Those need to be created manually via the UI

I don’t have access to shared drives/persistent storage. so whenever my couchbase pod will restart, it’ll loose any configuration & data it had.

I’m ok with loosing the data, but I’d like to preserve the configuration

I’m looking for a way to preconfigure those settings (buckets, indexes, …) inside the docker image so that my pod starts with all the databases preconfigured, even if the pod restarts

So far, what I found (but not tested) was:


It would be great if couchbase was providing a documentation to do that.
It would provide development teams a way to quickly spin up a preconfigured couchbase instance for development purpose

Thank you

Apologies for the delay here but I recently came across this as a more well-maintained docker setup, does this work better for you? GitHub - brantburnett/couchbasefakeit: Docker scripts for a base Couchbase Server image for testing/development, with support for fakeit for data generation