Do writes still fail after node failure?

Hello -

When we were on Couchbase 3.1.1 (past tense), we had the following config:

3 node cluster with replicas set to 1
2 buckets in the cluster

Writes would fail under the following circumstances:

  1. A single node fails. This node eventually hard-fails based on the auto-failover policy
  2. While in this interim state, WRITES MAPPING TO THE FAILED NODE would fail
  3. After kicking off the re-balance (re-balancing the data onto the surviving two nodes)
  4. During the re-balance operation WRITES STILL FAIL
  5. Once the re-balance is complete, writes work as expected again

Is this still the case of CB 4.5? Will writes still fail in the period between when the node fails and when the re-balance is complete?


  • Jeff

Hi @jeffhoward001

As far as I know and the experience I have with CB 4.0 the writes only fail if there is a failed node which isn’t failover.
So once the node got hard failover because of the policy or a manual operation, the cluster will accept writes again.

Hope this helps you

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