Distinct function in index

We have an index which was created as follows:
CREATE INDEX cms_schema_name ON cms_schema((distinct (name))) WITH { “num_replica”:1 }

When I attempt to query values by name, I get the following message:
“code”: 4000,
“msg”: “No index available on keyspace cms_schema that matches your query. Use CREATE INDEX or CREATE PRIMARY INDEX to create an index, or check that your expected index is online.”,
“query_from_user”: “select * from cms_schema where name =‘DFWGenericVODTitle’ ;”

Was this index incorrectly created?
I’ve only found references to using the distinct function in relation to indexing array values. What is the the correct usage of the distinct function in the index?

CREATE INDEX cms_schema_name ON cms_schema (name ) ;


DISTINCT is for only for array indexing (https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/n1ql/n1ql-language-reference/indexing-arrays.html)