Disk Only Data Nodes for a Bucket

Enterprise 6.6

We are considering setting up an archive bucket.

The point is for the prod indexes to get lighter and for the prod data ram footprint to go down, but at the same time maintain easy recoverability and even queryability.

Can we set this bucket to be entirely disk with zero ram residency?

If so can you point me to documentation about how to do that? Does the bucket have to be on a different server? Is ram residency only configurable per cluster? Is ram residency configurable at all (I believe ejection policy is)?

Please help.

For cluster stability, you should maintain minimum 10% RAM residency. If you allocate less memory than that maintenance operations such as compaction and rebalance will not work in a stable way or even complete.

ok thank you.

can you please point me to the documentation for that settings change?

It is not a setting. It is a sizing exercise. e.g. if you want to store 1 TB of data per node, you have to give at least 100GB RAM to the bucket per node.