Disjunction Query with min=0

Noob question: What result would I expect setting Disjunction Query min parameter to zero? (I seen it in some posts in SDK sections of the forum). I did not find anything in the docs.
ref: https://docs.couchbase.com/server/6.0/fts/fts-query-types.html#disjunction-query-or

With min=0, if any of the disjunction child queries match - you should see results.
Min is a way to control the minimum number of disjunction child queries to match for a disjunction query to return results.

Tank you, That’s exactly what i need.
Related question: I believe a simple Query String Query (without ±) is internally a kind of Disjunction Query. What is min parameter set in this case if min even applicable to Query String Query?

Min is zero by default.
It remains at its default for a query string query.
For example, for the following query string query …

{"query": "state:california state:nevada"}

… you’ll see results if at least one of the conditions are satisfied - i.e california or nevada appear in the field “state”.

Got It. Now I see the difference in default behavior between these tow types of queries. Thank you. Marking as solved.