Discrepancy in query results; Couchbase Console vs dotnet sdk

How come the Couchbase dotnet sdk doesn’t pull address1. It pulls correctly on Couchbase Console though.


It’s hard to say for certain without a copy of the query text you’re using. But at a guess, it appears that your .NET models are not in agreement with the JSON. The “address1” and other address properties are within a child object named address, which is within a “location” object. So you either need to perform a projection in the SELECT clause, or make your .NET models have properties that reference other objects like this:

public class Address
    public string Address1 {get; set;}
    public string Address2 {get; set;}
    public string Address3 {get; set;}
    public string Address4 {get; set;}

public class Location
    public Address Address {get; set;}
    public string Name {get; set;}

public class Profile
    public Location Location {get; set;}
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Please find the query that I use below:

var request = QueryRequest.Create(“SELECT META().id AS key, TOOBJECT(hc) as value FROM mybucket as hc WHERE type=‘Profile’;”);

        var response = _bucket.Query<KeyValuePair<string, Profile>>(request);

I even tried this query:

SELECT META().id AS key, TOOBJECT(hc) as value,location.address.address1,location.address.address2,location.address.address3,location.address.address4 FROM MyBucket as hc WHERE type=‘Profile’;

It works perfect on Couchbase Console, but in dotnet sdk, it doesn’t show up newly added address columns

@rkbnair -

I suspect it’s a serialization issue as @btburnett3 suggested. If you can use Fiddler or another HTTP debugger and verify that the response matches the results from the console, that would help isolate the issue.