Different OS different output size


I’ve made a jar file to insert some records from csv to couchbase lite db automatically. So when I run the jar file via linux, the size of the output file differs from the way I do the same thing via mac. Besides that cblite file does not work correctly if it has been made by linux. Briefly, same jar, different os, different db output size. Do you have any idea?


Just to be clear, you have a Java app that ingests a csv file and writes documents into a Couchbase Lite database? Which underlying store are you using (SQLite or ForestDB)? Which version of CBL? And you’re looking at the files after exiting the app?

hi hod, I’m using cblite2 (with sqlite store type). actually let me explain a little bit further, the main problem I have is that Im using couch base lite in android. for the first using I need to prepare a db and to do that I populate around 100k records into db through a jar. having finished the population Im zipping the db and serving it via an url. mobile devices download the db after the first installation and unzip it to use it. my problem is created couchbase lite db works without any problem if I run the jar through mac os. but if I run the jar via linux, the created db doesn’t work with the Android code. manager.getdatabase always return null. and the created db file size almost %50 less than the one which has been created by mac os. same jar, same input data, different os. different output. I need to understand why.

That is confusing. Far as I know SQLite handles a lot of platform dependencies, so yeah, it should be the same.

Have you tried opening the sqlite db in any other tools? Any smaller test case that shows the problem? If you attach samples here I’ll try to take a look.

There are no differences in the file format (either SQLite’s or ours) across platforms, so a database created on one platform can be used on another.

You must be writing different data into the database on Mac vs Linux, somehow. That’s part of your own code, so I don’t know that we can help you with it. You may have to resort to logging and breakpoints to figure out what’s going on in your code.