Difference between RAM used and Disk Used


can anyone help with below query.

Currently in one of implementation . we have around 20 mil items loaded with 100% resident.

RAM used is approx. 100 GB for 20 mil records and RAM Allocated to Bucket is around 500 GB.

But when i check the Disk used its showing 30GB.

RAM : 100 GB Disk Used 30 GB ?

I also checked physically its totaling towards that only .

  • is it because system have lot of appends which is increasing the RAm size ?

or any other reason as to why my RAM is 3 times utilized than the DISK used ?


Any help on this pls ?

I think what’s going on is it’s running out of space in the allocated ram and overflowing into your disk space.

I’m not exactly sure what your question is.