Diff backup seem to result in full backup (cbbackupwrapper)


I’m transitioning from running my backups with cbbackup to cbbackupwrapper to decrease backup times. I must say this is working better than I expected and I’m now able to finish a full backup of ~350gb in ~3.5 hours (compared to >12 hours using cbbackup).

I have a script that runs every hour (unless the previous run didn’t finish) and creates a folder for the date (e.g. cb_20170516) unless the folder already exists. Then, it runs the cbbackup command in diff mode. If the directory was just created and is empty, then although mode is set to diff, it actually performs a full backup. Otherwise, it really does a diff.

This was working OK before my transition to cbbackupwrapper. Now, with the same script I’m sensing that every backup running is still taking a full backup, even though it is pointing to the same directory as a previous backup is stored in.
My “diff” backups are also taking about the same time to complete (~3.5 hours) and are adding about the same size to the daily backup dir (~350gb).

Anyone has such setup and seen this problem? Any ideas to what I can check?


Wondering if you found why this behaviour and were able to fix.

I use cbbackupmgr in 6.0 nad to do a full backup, create a new repo in the script itself and take a full backup. I believe, is the default behavior of couchbase to take a full backup if a new repo.