Deploying couchbase enterprise server in AZURE

please help me out … (please dont send outdated document of couchbase)

new document, or step by step

This whole section of the documentation was updated recently:

If it’s not correct, or you’re struggling to follow it, could you provide more detail so we can improve the docs?

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i was following the same document which you have shared…!
but it is outdated method now new scenario will be shown in Azure while creating vm for couchbase.

step1: there are many different option in marketplace

…Couchbase Server Enterprise Container

…Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway


…Couchbase Server Community Edition (Ubuntu)

(which 1 to choice here for couchbase enterprise?)

step2: step are totally changed
(it will not create so easly as shown in couchbase document)

some how i created… but in redeploy
///////Can’t connect to your virtual machine?

Try redeploying your virtual machine, which will migrate it to a new Azure host. If you continue, the virtual machine will be restarted and you will lose any data on the temporary drive. While the redeployment is in progress, the virtual machine will be unavailable.///////

this message i s there… tired with redeploy again the same issues

please help me out with little briefly explanation