Deletion Propagation into Sync-Gateway

I’m trying to identify when an object has been deleted from the Server implementation of Couchbase with the Ruby on Rails wrapper and having that propagate into the sync-gateway and down into the mobile device via live query.

I’ve found that when I delete the document from the database using the connection.delete(id) methodology that sync-gateway (and subsequently live query) is never pinged, but when I create or modify a document sync-gateway is pinged and the information propagates.

I’m using a fairly stock implementation of live query and you can see my config for the sync-gateway here:
“sync”:function(doc) {channel(doc.type);},
“importDocs”: “continuous”,
“shadow”: {
“server”: “http://localhost:8091”,
“bucket”: “staging_bucket”
“users”: {
“GUEST”: {“disabled”: false, “admin_channels”:[""], “all_channels”:[""]}

and the gems I’m using are here:
“couchbase” (
“couchbase-model” (

and the deletion methodology is here:
connection = Couchbase.connect(:bucket => COUCHBASE_BUCKET)

I’ve also tried:

but with the same results.

Lastly, my Live Query check is here:
com.couchbase.lite.View view = GlobalState.database.getView(view_name + “_index”);

// Look at the global knowledge of current live queries, if it doesn’t currently exist, create it
if (GlobalState.live_queries.get(view_name) == null)
GlobalState.live_queries.put(view_name, view.createQuery().toLiveQuery());

// Retrieve the live query, add the listener, and start it
GlobalState.live_queries.get(view_name).addChangeListener(new LiveQuery.ChangeListener()
public void changed(LiveQuery.ChangeEvent event)


And “process_row_changes(event.getRows());” is just a function that (right now) logs a message about being called.

As I mentioned earlier – edit and create actions are picked up via sync-gateway and I see log messages on the mobile device that live query picked up the changes, but when a deletion occurs nothing fires off.

Any help on detecting the deletion would be greatly appreciated.


To delete the document, are you accessing the Couchbase bucket directly, or via Sync Gateway?

Based on your Sync Gateway config you’ve got bucket shadowing set up, so I’m assuming you’re deleting from the ‘staging_bucket’ directly? This should be getting picked up by bucket shadowing in your ‘sync_staging’ bucket.

If you add “Shadow” to the set of log flags (“log”:"[“REST”,“Shadow”]) in your Sync Gateway config, you should be able to tell from the Sync Gateway logs whether your delete is getting shadowed into the sync_staging bucket as expected. You could then check whether the document is getting updated as a deleted revision in the sync_staging bucket.

Can you try that and confirm that everything looks as expected?