Deletion of _sync:att:sha1-* Documents after Attachment Deletion

Deletion of an attachment does not appear to delete an associated _sync:att:sha1-* document, which would prevent reclaiming any storage associated with that attachment in the underlying couchbase database.

Can anyone confirm this from their own experience?

Assuming true, are there reasonably safe strategies for making the delete directly? For example, could we create a view of attachment documents and digests to verify no documents are still using that digest (since they could be shared) and then make the deletion directly?

Any experiences - validating thruthiness or strategies for coping - are appreciated.

Found the answer here:

Cleanup task for obsolete attachments #1648

And the original ticket was:

(Re)implement attachment GC #64

So looks like it may be trending toward 2.0 at this point, but Iā€™d still like to do something more manual in the near term if it is possible.