Delete statement no finishing before function return

Continuing the discussion from N1QL DELETE DML Statement:

@perrin.bignoli is seeing a statement return without completing. is there additional code needed to make this call sync as opposed to async.

public static Observable executeQueryAsString(AsyncBucket bucket, String queryAsString) {
return bucket.query(N1qlQuery.simple(queryAsString))
.flatMap(result -> result.rows()
.map(row -> new JsonObject(row.value().toString()))
.collect(JsonArray::new, JsonArray::add));


I figured out what was happening. The testing apparatus was inserting the 70k entries directly before the query statement was executed, so I believe that the re-indexing operation had not yet completed when the query was executed. When I added ScanConsistency.REQUEST_PLUS to the N1QLParams, the DELETEs began working as I expected. Thanks!


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