Delete document from server and client

We have a requirement where if from one device , user deletes the document same thing should replicate to server and other clients. But as of now, delete is happening only in local database. how to achieve the same? TIA.

Can you please elaborate more about the versions you are using and what exactly is the code you are running? are you doing purge or delete? and how does the sync function looks?

I am using CB Lite 2.6.0 .
Replicator Configuration :
var config = new ReplicatorConfiguration(db, new URLEndpoint(dbUrl))
ReplicatorType = replicatorType,
Continuous = true,
Authenticator = new BasicAuthenticator(username, password),
Channels = new { UserChannel }
For deleting the document :

Replicator type is PushAndPull

Deleted docs should be synced to the server and other clients that connect to the same Sync Gateway. Does updating doc sync to the server and other clients?