Degradation of performance overtime

We are using the java sdk 2.3.2 with CB 4.1.1. We make an average of ~200 calls a minute to a bucket (max 500 and minimum can be whatever). We have been seeing intermittent timeout issues while making a get call and the average call time has increased. We were using the older 1.x sdk with the same CB and buckets and the performance was great. We expected the performance to be the same with the upgrade but has degraded with intermittent timeouts. (1 in 10,000 calls but we never saw them before). Is there something which I am missing which can avoid this?

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@simonbasle and @daschl any inputs here?

Is this only with KV operations? Do you by chance use asynchronous operations? Note that we did have a buffer management issue in JCBC-1026. It’s hard to correlate that to this in particular since you see these intermittently, but an upgrade would at least ensure you’ve picked up known fixes.

Other than that, it might be good to turn on in client analytics to see if we can spot anything unusual that could cause this. See @daschl’s blogs on this.

Can you send me the link to the blog? We are definitely thinking of upgrading.

And yea, it is only during KV operation. I am using the regular get and set in buckets (which I think is synchronous).