Default ViewQuery Stale - UpdateAfter?

The Java SDK (in the comments) of ViewQuery indicates that the default Stale level is Update_After. In .NET, the default is indicated to be OK. I’d argue that the default should be OK as that’s the least intensive on the Couchbase cluster.


@unhuman actually, if you don’t specify any staleness level on the server it is UPDATE_AFTER, this is why the Java SDK indicates it is the default. So by default no staleness value is passed over to the server which then uses UPDATE_AFTER.

Where do you find that .NET always applies OK, even if you don’t set the staleness param explicitly?

Just working off of what the comment in the client says:

But, lower in the code, it seems to defer to whatever the server does by default:

Fundamentally, however, I think that querying views, by default, shouldn’t negatively affect server performance (circumventing the way views are re-indexed by the timer). If this is a server issue, can we just move the conversation to “Couchbase Server”?

Moved this thread to the Server category based on your comment…

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