Dead node, failing exception

I have a local install of Couchbase (v2.5.0 enterprise edition (build-1059)). Everything works fine. However if I try to connect to a remote install (v2.1.1 enterprise edition (build-764)) I get the ‘dead node, failing’ exception when I call View().

I’m using the .Net client (v1.3.6).

Any idea what the problem is? Is the remote version supported by the client adapter?


robertgtaylor1 -

The client version does indeed support your server version. Most likely, the streaming configuration is being blocked by your firewall or A/V. Other tips, make sure your configuration is correct for the remote server and try enabling logging and post the output.

Also, make sure that the cluster you are connecting to is healthy…you can open the Management Console (http://[ip/hostname]:8091) and check this. Another temporary cause would be if a swap/failover scenario or when a rebalance is in progress.


I can access the server via the console and it’s healthy.

Is there any way I can run a firewall check? What ports does Couchbase use other than 8091, which is the one in my config?

I’ll also try logging andsee if that shows anything, but I only have access via the console.