DCP: feed_dcp Timed out error in sync gateway pod

I’m facing channel creation issue on sync gateway, when ever i create new document through rest api and curl (sync gateway) respective channel doesn’t appears on sync gateway admin panel though the document gets created successfully and persists to bucket and i can verify channel name in document meta data but upon on mobile lite testing (Read and Update). channel info was not synced and documents weren’t updating through sync-gateway

When i restarted sync-gateway pods, i am able to see the expected document channels on admin channels view, it seems on pod restart or re-deployment channels gets synced but there are after channels are not creating, i’ve verified RBAC user (configured perfectly) and bucker user (admin_channels: ["*"] )


tried to debug using sync-gateway pod logs, where i’ve found a lot of logs related to feed_dcp timed out, could someone help me on troubleshooting


Cluster Info:
3 Node K8 Couchbase Clusters (Self Signed TLS Certificate)

  • Client (enabled)
    1 Sync Gateway 2.7 (with out TLS)