Data in Replication and disk queues when node goes down

I know that replica node in other node will be active when node down but want to know about data in replication queue and disk queues.
Will data in replication and disk queue get lost or is there way we can retrieve the data.


by default, your write only goes to memory (memcached) with the write it is queued to be replicated to other nodes, and written to disk. if the node is lost, these queued operation may be lost. if you’d like to ensure in your code that you get confirmation on replication or persistence is done, you can use the persistTo or replicateTo flags in your SET call to the cluster. that will ensure your app will not get a confirmation if the item isn’t yet replicated or persisted.

Thanks cihangirb,
if i inserted a json document to couchbase with persistTo or replicateTo flags set, user will get confirmation only document inserted to replica node and disk. is my understanding correct?

if it so user has to wait till document inserted to disk and replica.

Whether you wait for the data to be persisted to disk and/or replicated to other nodes is controllable on a per-operation basis - see the Observe documentation: Couchbase SDKs