Data buckets on separate locations

Hi All,

I am looking to setup a small cluster of couchbase servers for a pet project that requires quite some storage that will be rarely accessed. So I want this data stored on spinning disks while I want my actual used data stored on SSD. (think that the HDD data is like 20x bigger than the data stored on SSD). So ideally I want 2 buckets but then on separate locations.

I couldn’t find anything specific on how to do this except this old article:

I could always hack it to mount the HDD into the specific data folder of the ‘cold storage’ bucket but not sure if that is the right way to go.

So any advice’s are welcome!


I think addressing this with filesystem mounts should be just fine. That’s probably the best bet.

Personally, I use ZFS with an SSD as a cache device. This is a Linux VM on that OS, but there are other ZFS options. That gives me the kind of fast access automatically. Couchbase will still have linear-scan type operations, but the adaptive replacement cache it uses will avoid caching these pages on the SSD.

Thank you, I think I will just go for symlinks now.