Custom tracer not injecting

I use spring data couchbase v. 4.4.7 to integrate with Couchbase from webflux app . Initialized clusterenviornment but we have custom opentelemetry . To use both I autowired the own custom tracer and tried to pass it to sdk like below:
ClusterEnviornment env = ClusterEnviornment.builder()
.requestTracer(RequestTracer) tracer).build();
But this casting from custom tracer to RequestTracer id not working. Any guidance will be appreciated.

@mreiche will it be possible to assist on the same!!
Thank you!!

The cast will work if your ‘tracer’ implements RequestTracer.
btw - there is a parenthesis missing in the code you show - I assume that’s just a typo

Also - to modify the Couchbase Environment used by Spring Data Couchbase, override this method in your configuration class:

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