Custom default port number 18091

Hello SME,
I am thinking of customizing the port number (18091) in the existing server that contains the application data. Not sure why this link says all data will be purged from that node? Based on my understanding, the port number is used from an application communication perspective. What is it to do with application data? why existing data will be purge due to the new port number?

“Changing port mappings should only be done at the time of initial node/cluster setup as the required reset and reconfiguration will also purge all data on the node.”

Thanks for your help…

Hello pbehera

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The reason why we state that changing network ports needs to be done before the cluster has data, is the step in the instructions where you are requested to remove the config.dat will remove all references in the cluster to your data buckets.

What I would suggest is that you either setup a new cluster with custom ports and XDCR your data from your existing cluster to the new one, or use the backup/restore tools to backup your data then recreate it with your custom settings before restoring the backup. We do appreciate that there’s improvements to be made in this process so we have an open JIRA tracking ticket ,(MB-38462) to make those improvements. I encourage you to follow that ticket.

Thank you,
Ian McCloy (Principal Product Manager, Couchbase)