Creating view via pipe to Python script

Hello. Please pardon me if it seems like I’m really new at Python and Couchbase. It’s because I am. So, there’s a good chance I’m missing something obvious.

I’ve been going through a series of exercises, performing some basic tasks in Python via the Couchbase API. So, I set a value, retrieved it, store images, read views, listing keys, etc. Most recently I created a view via API call. Here’s my script for that:

from couchbase import Couchbase from couchbase.exceptions import CouchbaseError import sys

c = Couchbase.connect(bucket=‘newBucket’, host=‘’)

’_id’: ‘_design/dateextract’,
‘language’: ‘javascript’,
‘views’: {
‘20140714’: {
function (doc, meta) {
if (‘20140714’) == 0) {
emit(doc.Usage_Value, null);

results = c.design_create(“20140714”, DESIGN, use_devmode=True, syncwait=0)
print results

You’ll see that I borrowed the DESIGN portion from lines 45-60 here:

So far, so good. That works properly. Now, I’d like to make it so that I can generate a view elsewhere and pipe it into a script which will send it to Couchbase. That has stumped me. As a first step, I took the content of the DESIGN variable and put it into its own file. Then, I rewrote the script as:

from couchbase import Couchbase from couchbase.exceptions import CouchbaseError import sys, getopt

c = Couchbase.connect(bucket=‘newBucket’, host=‘’)

DESIGN = sys.stdin.readline()

results = c.design_create(“20140714”, DESIGN, use_devmode=False, syncwait=0)
print results

That’s probably pretty naive, and it fails. I tried putting the DESIGN portion on a single line in the file, which also fails:

$ cat design.doc | ./
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./”, line 11, in
results = c.design_create(“20140714”, DESIGN, use_devmode=False, syncwait=0)
File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchbase/”, line 1344, in design_create
couchbase.exceptions.HTTPError: <Key=’_design/20140714’, HTTP Request failed. Examine ‘objextra’ for full result, C Source=(src/http.c,304), OBJ=HttpResult<RC=0x0, Value={u’reason’: u’invalid UTF-8 JSON: {{error,{100,\n “lexical error: inside a string, ‘\\’ occurs before a character which it may not.\n”}},\n <<"{\"_id\":\"_design/dateextract\",\“language\”:\“javascript\”,\“views\”:{\“20140715\”:{\“map\”:\“function(doc,meta)\\{if(\\\“20140714\\\”)==0)\\{emit(doc.Usage_Value,null);\\}\\}\”\"\"}}}\n">>}’, u’error’: u’bad_request’}, HTTP=400, URL=_design/20140714>>

I know that this is very bare-bones-- no error handling, etc. I also know that this has limited utility, but there are already a couple of cases here at work where this sort of piping would be useful. So, how can this be made to work? I think my error is in the structure of the design.doc file, but I’m not sure. Many thanks in advance.

I am attempting to build a similar script for automated view deployment and was thinking of doing something similar. Were you able to find a solution to your problem? Did you have to encode your DESIGN to json using another library first?

Knowing what the contents of the file are would be useful. Internally all the library does is encode the JSON into a string anyway: