Creating user account in client

When creating a user Account, adminInterface should be use. I think this will be used when an admin will be the only one to create a user, but what if I have a Create new account feature in my android app that will let new users create their account? As of now , I don’t want to utilize the persona or facebook authentication process until I understand this.

I am thinking of sending a post request on /$DB/_user/ using the adminInterface in the android app but is this a good way? or are there any suggestion regarding user creation/registration.

Thank you for helping.

Hello @JbalTero,

What will be some mandatory field requirements for when the user click on “Create new account” for your app?

How are you going to be creating your login?


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Write a server-side script that accepts create-user requests and calls the gateway admin API to create the user account.

I am thinking of sending a post request on /$DB/_user/ using the adminInterface in the android app

Do not do this. The admin port should never be reachable from the outside.

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When a user create new account, they will input their email, name, and password just like creating a user using adminInterface.

Does this mean I’m going to create somewhat a REST api for adminInterface?
Like for example I’m going to create it using a simple node.js server.

Or is it really recommended to utilize persona and facebook authentication in a situation like this?

Probably nothing as complex as a full REST API, but yes, you’d create an HTTP handler. Most likely a client would POST to a specific URL to create an account, passing the desired username as a parameter.

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Thank you for this.
I still don’t understand why is it not recommended to direct it to the adminInterface? is it for security reasons? or it will break on production?

The admin interface is like “god mode”. It can do anything with no authentication. Exposing it to the outside world is like giving out your root password.

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Thanks. Everything’s clear :slight_smile: