Create repository

I 've a problem to create repository and I’ve a error message
Could not add repository: Location not accessible by all nodes - node 3164dce8b8ab3677626d35c18e6f2b86 cannot access location /data/backup/backupfull2023full: rpc error: code = Internal desc = could not read file: open /data/backup/backupfull2023full/.cbbs-f7f8c87fe49512ebdadbbf986dfb3168/node-3164dce8b8ab3677626d35c18e6f2b86-1691594716005668520: no such file or directory

Can you help me please ?


You can get that error when using the Backup Service, and you have multiple Backup Service nodes (i.e. installed Backup Service on more than one node), and you are creating a repository with storage location = Filesystem, and the archive location you’ve specified is not accessible by all of the Backup Service nodes. So, in your case, one of the nodes that have Backup Service running cannot access /data/backup/backukpfull2023full filesystem path/directory.

From documentation:
The Location should be the location of the storage-based archive for the repository. If on the local filesystem, this location must be a pathname accessible to all nodes within the cluster that are running the Backup Service: which is to say, reads from and writes to the location are shared through an NFS mount (or through some other type of shared-folder technology, such as Samba).