Create index with DESC NULLS LAST

@vsr1 is it possible to create an index and to define the order with NULLS LAST?

for example, I tried

CREATE INDEX idx1 ON bucket(type,filed 1 DESC NULLS LAST ) WHERE (type= "foo"); and I get an error with the message: “syntax error - at NULLS”,`

the reason I am asking is that if I use the order by field DESC NULLS LAST in a query the orde by doesn’t use the query. If I just use order by field DESC, then N1QL use the index and I get the result in ms instead of seconds.

Can this type of filter be done somehow?

NULLS LAST/FIRST only supported in query not on index.
If used on query if not natural index order, index order can’t be used.

ok, so what is the alternative, as if add the NULLS LAST to the query from 13 ms jumps to 10 seconds, which is not usable on any web application?

Are there any plans to implement this in a future release?

It is on the list not sure on which release. cc @binh.le