Create Full Text Search Index using the SDK

is there a way to create a full text search index using the java sdk just like other indexes? if so, it would be great if the documentation of it or any references to it is linked here.

Thanks in advance.

@PShri yes you can use the Java SDK to create an index BUT you need to pass the entire JSON payload as it would exist in the AI (just make sure you don’t have UUID or uuid in the payload else you are trying to do an index update).

I believe for java you would use:

SearchIndex idx = SearchIndex.fromJson​(indexDefJsonStr);


Jon Strabala
Principal Product Manager - Server‌

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How to construct the indexDefJsonStr?

What to you mean by it would exist in the AI?

I couldn’t locate any documentation regarding the creation of an FTS index via the Java SDK in the link you provided. Please advise if I overlooked something.

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