Create Database via API


If I create a database with a PUT including dbConfig I get an Error in SGW log:

Couldn't parse JSON in HTTP request: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type rest.DbConfig

The JSON-string request seems fine, I can create one with Postman. Although, working with C# messes it up. But when I debug the string on the console and paste it in PostMan it works fine… .

Can you share the code snippet corresponding to the request that you are attempting and perhaps the exact request that is on the wire? (And for my clarification, is this on Couchbase Lite .Net DB023?)

Hi @priya.rajagopal

Sorry I did not know how to delete or set my own post as solved. It had nothing to do with CBL or SGW. I should’ve analyzed it better. Monday mornings you know :slight_smile:

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