Create bucket with all options from java code

The java-client api to create buckets takes a BucketSetting argument but that does not let me specify eviction-policy,
threadsNumber or priority.
Other way is to directly use InsertBucketRequest, but it takes string, which specifies the arguments in some format.
I think we can specify options in above format, but the format is not clear.
It is also not clear if format will change in future.

You could indeed use InsertBucketRequest. the syntax is like parameter1=value&parameter2=value. The list of options can be found in the REST API reference. We should probably look at adding these options to the BucketSettings.

Hi, I see a change in java-client 2.3.2 to set raw json to create bucket, but it seems that properties in the raw are not used , and bucket has default values for those properties.
While getting props we get only raw not customSettings.
While setting raw is not used, customSettings is used to pass props.

  • raw() is for when you get a BucketSettings from the server (eg. getting a configuration).
  • customSettings() is a setter for when you want to update a configuration.