Couchbaser Server community edition status

Until recently, the most recent Community Edition was clearly indicated as a ‘Developer Preview’ of 4.6.0.
Now the download page has been revamped and the latest CE is 4.6.0, without any reservations about being a ‘Developer Preview’.

Also when continuing to download this version, it is listed as a ‘Production version’, but the filename of the package still has the ‘DP’ in it.

So my question is, is Couchbase Server Community Edition now a ‘Prodcution Version’ or still a ‘Developer Preview’?

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In fact, the package name not only says ‘DP’, but also ‘enterprise’ instead of ‘community’…

Yeah I have noticed the same thing. The md5sum matches the Enterprise edition’s Developer Preview from months ago, and I would not have called that version production ready. Anyone have any ideas on why the DP version is listed as the latest community release?


It appears the download page has been fixed. It now lists the current production-ready release of Community Edition as 4.5.1. The 4.6.0 Developer Preview is under “Pre-release versions” where it belongs.

Indeed, it was an issue that is now fixed. Sorry for the confusion. @tyler.mitchell can probably help with any other questions about it.