CouchbaseLite-Swift unclear license: Apache 2.0 or custom?


I am trying CouchbaseLite-Swift library via Cocoapods. Cocoapods database opens GitHub page ( as home page. There is named Apache 2.0 license for the product as well as the LICENSE file contains the same Apache 2.0 license. The same information is written in package podspec file definition. But when installed by Cocoapods, folder with framework contains LICENSE.txt file with unfamiliar license completely different from Apache 2.0.

What is the proper license from CouchbaseLite-Swift package (community edition)? Could be the file fixed to show correct license?

Thanks for help.

The license for the distribution is the one included with the actual package. There is a distinction made between the source code license (Apache 2.0) and the binary license (In this case the Community Edition License). The latter governs the precompiled framework. The former applies to the source code acquired via github. I’ll send the discrepancy in the cocoapod to the appropriate group, but it’s probably due to the rapid switching in cocoapods of source vs binary distribution and the metadata didn’t keep up properly.

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