Couchbaselite List<T> save

we’ve encountered a problem trying to persist an object of class that contains a property of type List where T is a not simple type, I mean T is another complex class cointaining several properties.

We’re using CBL 2.8.0 in a Xamarin Project. We’ve also adopted Couchbase.Lite.Mapping to simply our object mapping.

In a java reference page for CBL 2.0 we’ve seen that List is usable just with “scalar” type, so we’re wondering if List of complex type is truly a limit or not.

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Yeah… Very similar to Parcelable, if you are familiar with that.

You can persist the “scalar” types Integer, Long, Float, Double, String and Blob. You can also persist containers, List and Map (Dictionary) that contain only scalar types or containers of scalar types.

There is no way to extend the persistence mechanism to handle complex types. On the other hand, complex types can usually be represented as Map<String, < scalar-type >>, and those can be persisted.