CouchbaseLite ENABLE_BITCODE error on Xcode7

Hi Team,
When we can expect a new CochbaseLite SDK with ENABLE_BITCODE for running app on Xcode7.
right now im using couchbase-lite-ios-enterprise_1.1.0-31 but this version also doesn’t supporting on Xcode7.

Hi, I am not an Xcode/apple expert but @jens or @jamiltz might be able to help.

Hey Thanks for reply.

This is issue 916. We had to wait for Xcode 7 to be released in final form, since we won’t use beta-quality compilers to produce a release. Now that Xcode 7 is out we need to update our build servers, re-qualify the build, and upload it.

I don’t know the exact schedule. Our PM @zgramana would be able to answer that.

If you need such a build immediately to release your own app, you can check out the source code from Github (use the release/1.1 branch) and build it yourself. You don’t need to change any settings: Xcode 7 will add bitcode to the binary by default.

@Jens Thanks for reply, we can wait until, you release new SDK from you for Xcode7, Hey make sure about swift2.0, lot of changes done, and some of code also not working while converting swift old version to new version. please keep in mind on swift2.0.

How can i get more samples on CouchbaseLite for Swift.

Thanks for your glad assistance.

If you find samples that need to be updated to Swift 2, it would be helpful to us if you could file issues in their Github repo’s issue trackers. (Or if for some reason there’s a sample without an issue tracker, file the issue in the main CBL tracker.

I upgraded Grocery Sync a few months ago and put the changes in a swift2 branch.

Generally if you let Xcode do the Swift 2 upgrade itself, it’ll fix everything.

Thank you, sure i will keep issues, what i have found

Is their a ready built release for Xcode 7 available yet or we still have build from source? Thanks

Not yet confirmation from Couchbase Team, let we see, when they will release.

@jens please let we know, when new SDK will available

Try this, as default when the project was created on Xcode 6 or any version before 7 the enable bitcode property set as YES, you just need to go to the compiled code, select your .xcodeproj right click on it, search for the property ENABLE_BITCODE = YES and change it to NO; then you should run without any problem.

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