CouchbaseLite and Couchbase

Hello there, actually we have a native android application with sqlite storage. The app works online and offline. We have exposed rest apis and the services run at a scheduled interval.

We were planning to go with phonegap/cordova option since we need to deploy on multiple devices as the next generation of the app. We were going to explore couchbase server and couchbaselite to see if we can get rid of those rest apis, since we would need some plugins to kick off to sync.

So do you recommend not using couchbase server and couchbase lite sync? Do you think we need to use restApis to consume and store the json or data in couchbaselite?

Thank you very much for the reply,

Here is my opinion

couchbase offers different SDKs for Mobiles. here is the [Phone Gap SDK] ( suitable for your Applications.

Hi Srinath, do you have a sample couchbase lite mobile app. I am able to send push notifications but not able to get the pull notifications. I am using Cordova plug-in. Also is there a way to view the couchbase lite database on the device?