CouchbaseBackup resource for manual backup (Flux, Kustomize)

I use flux and kustomize to manage my cluster on GKE.
I already have a CouchbaseBackup resource for scheduled backup.
I also want to make backup on demand, is there a way to achieve this ? (I don’t have permission to use command line, everything must be gitops managed.)

I tried adding annotation like this on my resource.

annotations: manual

But it failed.
Thank you for your help

Hi @MathieuDreano
Unfortunately, the CouchbaseBackup resource is for scheduled backups.
The only way I can think of to execute the backup manually would be to run

kubectl create job --from=cronjob/<couchbase-backup-name> couchbase-backup-manual-0001

Unfortunately, this does require command-line access.

Ok thank you.
Maybe i can do something similaire changing the cron. And restoring it to normal after successful backup.