Couchbase XDCR Custom Ports


I have 2 Kubernetes clusters (one for prod and one for dev). I want to enable XDCR between them, but my cloud provider doesn’t support load balancers. As a result of this, I used node ports (which are in the range of 30000-32000)

I can add the cluster, but XDCR always fails since I’m not exposing the ports as 8091 … is there any way to solve this and tell couchbase the port mappings of the other cluster?

Hi Eric,

It’s possible to do this with node ports but you will need to establish an overlay network for the nodes in both the clusters so that they can communicate. If your cloud has VPN or the ability to create some kind of routing or peering between the clusters then that should do it. Also, with node ports, 8091 itself doesn’t need to be exposed, you can pair the nodes using the public port itself… ie