Couchbase with elasticsearch cluster authentication failed

Hello! I’m trying to use elastic search with couchbase plugin. All was fine until I’ve tryed to create Elasticsearch cluster.
When I’m trying create cluster reference I get next message:

Attention - Authentication failed. Verify username and password. Got HTTP status 401 from REST call get to Body was: “\n\n<meta http-equiv=“Content-Type” co”

This is my elasticsearch.yml cluster_name node_name
node.master: true true
couchbase.password: password
couchbase.username: user
couchbase.maxConcurrentRequests: 1024

I’ve tryed go to with my login and password - unsuccesful. But I can authenticate with empty password by this link (can’t from couchbase - password may be not empty). If i turn off clustermode cluster_name node_name
#node.master: true true
couchbase.password: password
couchbase.username: user
couchbase.maxConcurrentRequests: 1024

all ok (with my password. From couchbase and from browser).
Any questions?

Need a little more insight into your setup?

  1. Do you have the HEAD plugin installed on ES Cluster?
    2.a Did you create a vBucket in couchbase? Whats its name?
    2.b Did you create the same index in ES for couchbase to point to with xdcr? Whats its name?
  2. When you go to the ES cluster via a browser @ port 9091 does it prompt Username & password?

You must restart elasticsearch after editing the yml config file so that your changes can take effect.

curl -XPOST 'http://localhost:9200/_cluster/nodes/_local/_shutdown

Or… if you have the service folder installed:

bin/service/elasticsearch restart

Then use the “couchbase.username” and “couchbase.password” values that you entered in this file when creating a cluster reference in Couchbase XDCR admin.

I’ve just solved this very same problem on CentOS VPSs. It turned out that when I started Elasticsearch as a service, the script was looking for the config file in /etc/elasticsearch directory, while my config file was in /usr/share/elasticsearch/config. I installed ES from the RPM file. I had to edit /etc/sysconfig/elasticsearch and input proper paths.