Couchbase views

How can I get a list of all views in a bucket?


Hi @Itzik.Paz,

From the Couchbase Console, naviagate to Views. At the top should be a dropdown box where you can choose a bucket. At that point, all the design docs and views should be listed.

You can also use the REST API to get a list of views, but you will need the design document name(s).

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I am sorry I meant from/with the couchbase cli.
And not through the couchbas console.

I want to get the views list under each bucket.

Sorry again

I don’t see anything in couchbase-cli to do this, but if you need command line, you can run a curl against those REST API endpoints. But again, I don’t see anything that lists views specifically by bucket: you need to know a design document first.

first of all … thanks Mate.
second … its odd , because the views are related to the bucket .

thanks anyway :slight_smile: