Couchbase View for mass number of User

Say I got a Inventory system. there could be thousands of Users.
Each user can have his own goods in their inventory. he can management the goods Add and Remove.
There is a View that used to list the goods of users. By using user id as one of view key, i can filter the goods belong to the user. After add/remove the goods, system updates the View by set stale=false.

I would like to know it is a good way to do that. as there are thousands of Users, who may can add / remove goods at the same time. is it efficient to doing it with View?
Should I create view for each user, so i only update his own View? or should I use N1QL?

Thanks so much for your time.

Hi @kelvin.wong,

Views can be very useful and efficient for certain scenarios. N1QL can efficient too, and it also gives you more flexibility. If using a View is working for you, then I would stay stick with that. But if you eventually need more flexibility, it might be worth giving N1QL a try. If you need help with indexing for N1QL, there’s lot of help available in the N1QL section of the forums: