Couchbase Update query is not consistent

I am trying to update few records using where condition.Query is very simple. To my surprise mutation count is different each time.Select query for the same where condition returns same result all the time

update default set column = [“1”,“2”] where test=“1” is my query. Tested using java client and ui

Anybody experienced similar issue?

It should work.

  1. Check EXPLAIN and see what indexes UPDATE, SELECT using. If different is the indexes are upto date.

  2. Assume you are not updating where clause field. Index might be lagging KV data.

  3. Debug by returning META().id from UPDATE and see which one is not mutated why update predicate is eliminated

  4. Enable request profile timings and see why predicate eliminated or IndexScan returned less data.

  5. If you could provide sample data repro with CB version will be great.

    UPDATE default
    SET column = [“1”, “2”] WHERE test=“1”