Couchbase Transaction Durability Level Not able to commit

Hi Team,

I have a query reg couchbase Transactions.I have used transaction object to save some records. I have the durability level set to MAJORITY.

Lets say I have 3 data nodes and after starting the application , I bring one data node down.

At this point the the transaction always fail with message, Transaction did not reach commit.

I looked at the documentation and I dont think any of this durability level will make it to work. Because other transaction durability are strict than Majority.

In case of create operation ,

InsertOptions options = InsertOptions.insertOptions()

InsertOptions options =  InsertOptions.insertOptions().durability(

I have option to change durability level like this, is this option available for Transaction durability also?

Kindly let me know what should be the durability level in these cases ? or if a node goes down with durability level as MAJORITY , will it ever be able to complete the transaction by changing the durability level programtically ?