Couchbase to store vertical data


I was wondering is Couchbase suitable to store vertical data like transactions or market data quotes?
E.g. we have relatively big quantity of Level 1 objects(e.g. User or SecuritySymbol) and a lot of Level 2 objects(transactions or quotes) which have to be stored.
Later this Level 2 information will be fetched for certain Level 1 key(e.g. get me all transactions for User 1).

I not sure is NoSQL databases in general and Couchbase as certain case are good for this(simply because dont have relevant hands-on experience). So any answers highly appreciated.

Sure - given the memcached integrated cache and memory centric architecture Couchbase Server is perfect for low latency data access. You should be able to do this without a need for a caching tier and depend on couchbase to perform data access with sub millisecond latency.
for the level2 info, you should look at views.

Thanks for fast response
Actually, I plan intensively use views but is their quantity not limited? I mean - if we have 5000 Level 1 records should I create 5000 views ? Or just one and them filter keys?

Views allow you to filter and group so one view should service many queries for you but obviously all of that depend on data model. If you are interested in deeper discussion, feel free to reach out on we are also looking at a new indexing technology that will completement views and I’d be happy to share more details there with you too and if timelines match maybe there are better indexing types that fits your needs there.