Couchbase Thread's cb-computations does not ending

Dear developers,

I have a performance problem with my multithreading java application.
My Application puts documents to an couchbase bucket.
To put the documents into the bucket i open a thread, insert 100 documents and interrupt this thread after working.
Before interrupting the thread i shutdown the defaultcouchbaseenvironment, close the bucket and disconnect the cluster.
Also after interrupting the thread and stopping all couchbase activities a couchbase thread names cb-computations-(number) is waiting. For every thread this couchbase thread will be started and not ending.


Here is a print screen from the java visualvm tool:

How can i stop or interrupt this cb-computations threads?

I’m using the java sdk 2.1.3 and the couchbase server 3.0.3-1716

Thanks for your help

@stnik you are hitting a known issue which will be fixed in the upcoming bugfix version 2.1.4 soon. It’s related to how Rx threads are (not) shut down properly.

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@daschl thank you for your reply.

In which timeframe can i expect the bugfix version 2.1.4?

Planned release is first week of july!