Couchbase sync gateway 1.2 sessions


I am using couchbase server 4 CE with sync gateway 1.2 and couchbase lite 1.1.0 on Android devices and recently i have noticed that 90% of sync gateway logs filled up with “Changes+: Waiting for “Application”'s count to pass 5433”

Also noticed session count increased from 500 to 3500+ and noticed those logs are logging in sync gateway.

is there any way to find out why it was logging 90% of “Changes+: Waiting for “Application”'s count to pass” logs.



Anyone have any idea on my issue?


That log message is associated with the number of active changes feeds connected to Sync Gateway. How are you evaluating the session count? From your description, it sounds like you’re not expecting the number of active sessions/users to increase to 3500+?

Hi Adam,

Thank you for reply.

I am using load balancer (Hardware load balancer) with 5 couchbase sync gateway servers and load balancer live stats shows 3000+ sessions per server and at the same time i run “/usr/sbin/lsof -c sync_gateway | grep -i established | wc -l” to get the open sessions and they are closely matching with LB sessions number.

At the moment i have set restriction on LB to accept 3000 sessions per server (3x5 =15000 sessions) because sessions are keep growing and at one point it reached to 7000 sessions per server and degrading load balancer performance.

BTW Google analytics shows that i am getting 10000 active users using app every day but my load balancer and sync gateway sessions always above 3000+ per server and that does not match to our active users.

And i have noticed this line of below log keep generating every few milliseconds and count to pass number keep increasing.

2016-08-01T16:47:11.711+10:00 Cache: getCachedChanges("!", {1 0 0 1907423 %!d(string=) 0 0 0 %!d(string=)}) --> 0 changes valid from #1
2016-08-01T16:47:11.711+10:00 Changes+: MultiChangesFeed waiting… (to user_2059282)
2016-08-01T16:47:11.711+10:00 Changes+: Waiting for “Application”'s count to pass 31

Karunakar Reddy