Couchbase spark connector configuration

I am trying to setup maxRetryDelay as below, but it looks like it is not being considered while the spark job runs. Am I missing anything?

SparkConf spark = new SparkConf()
.setMaster(“local[*]”) // use the JVM as the master, great for testing
.set(“spark.couchbase.nodes”, “”) // connect to couchbase on localhost
.set(“”, “”) // open the travel-sample bucket with empty password
.set(“com.couchbase.username”, “Administrator”)
.set(“com.couchbase.password”, “password”)
.set(“spark.couchbase.maxRetries”, “10”)
.set(“spark.couchbase.maxRetryDelay”, “10000”)
.set(“spark.couchbase.minRetryDelay”, “10”)
.set(“spark.couchbase.retryStrategy”, " FailFast");

Hi @rajib761
That should work AFAICT. Could you try “com.couchbase.maxRetryDelay”?