Couchbase Slow: Is it because of Indexing with ttl?

I am seeing a delay in indexing documents in Couchbase Version: 4.1.1-5914 Enterprise Edition (build-5914)

Does implementing ttl makes the indexing slow ?
Initalliy I was getting the result in few seconds but from three days ( After I implemented ttl ) , the databse is taking lots of time.

Can you help me with ? I dont have much knowledge of Couchbase :frowning:
I need to delete the documents from Couchbase as well and I am clueless how to do it without hampering the production performance.

Hi @ronagrawal,

Could you post the indexes that you suspect are being slowed down?

Also, as far as deleting, do you not know how to delete documents? Or are you deleting documents and noticing a performance problem?

Thank You So Much For Response :slight_smile:

These are my indexes
mt_flights_db_search_all_params ON mt_flights(1,2,3,4,5,6,8,7,9,type) USING GSI
mt_flights_db_search_type ON mt_flights(type) USING GSI
mt_flights_primary_indexONmt_flights` USING GSI

I need to

  1. delete all my documents with index mt_flights_db_search_all_params
  2. Remove a Data Machine as Well as it is going to be deprecated next week

I am running Couchbase in production and I am not much familar with it.
While deleting the documents using simple delete query my documents stops indexing and mt_flights_db_search_all_params query return no result

Kindly View the Couchbase report