Couchbase session storage and growth of disk usage


we are using couchbase enterprise (3 node cluster mode) edition and our databucket used for session storage growed to 30 GB (which is ridicously high - I would expect not more than 500 MB). This would fit nicely into the “append-only” bug described here:
My question is if this should be fixed in version 2.2 or if it is still an open issue? (I couldn’t confirm the issue with a quicklook into the changelog: )
If so is there is some kind of workaround (actually we don’t use auto-compactation - which IMHO would only safe some time I think). Some more information:

  • couchbase cluster in couchbase mode
  • used by client (php) with memcache protocol

Thanks a lot in advance & best, Georg


Since Couchbase use an append only approach you MUST run some compaction some times, especially with the number of operations/mutations you have in your system.

So the first thing to do will be to put the auto-compaction in place and you will save some place.

If you are looking for more information you can read this technical article about compaction in Couchbase 2:

Can you compact and let us know if it is better. (It should be)