Couchbase session intergration issue Error executing N1QL statement ‘UPDATE default USE KEYS $1 SET = $2’. [{“msg”:"Authorization Failed ",“code”:10000}]

I’m doing integration of couchbase session in my project and getting the above error. Can anyone please help on this.

we are using “session-couchbase-spring-boot-starter:jar:1.2.1” for integration.

First, please note that session-couchbase-spring-boot-starter is not developed and thus not supported in any way by Couchbase. If the query above does come from the session implementation, and not from your own code, then you’d need to raise an issue on if I’m not mistaken on the origin of the jar.

If that’s from your own code, please provide more context as to what you’re trying to achieve, the Spring configuration you have in place relative to Couchbase and your setup (how many buckets, do they have password, etc…).