Couchbase “Servers Down: 1” error On MAC os

So i started using couchbase a while back. For some reason after updating to v 3.0 and restarting my machine my one and only server is Down. For good. Cant open my project which is JSF based. At first i could access it but now it only gives an error. I debuged it and found out my couchbase server was and still is down. I dont really know how to debug(the couchbase server) it in order to get it up again. I tried a fix that a friend told me : to uninstall couchbase completely which i did, only catch being the fact that ~Library / Application Support / couchbase wasnt a valid directory. Still erased all data that i could find. But for some reason, the server is still being stored in my machine and its still giving me the DOWN error. Can anyone tell me how to delete or restore my local server? Or completely uninstall couchbase server?

Cant rebalance, server node is on PEND

Much obliged.

Couchbase Version 3.0.0-1209-rel

If you are on Mac OS X, the directory to delete to wipe everything out (after shutting down Couchbase from the icon in the menu bar) is actually:
~/Library/Application\ Support/Couchbase/

Yours has a lower case C.

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Thank you. :smile: Cant believe i made that mistake haha!